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rulefactoryexample not working

  • Bao

    Bao - 2013-07-18


    I am trying to get the rulefactoryexample running but it doesn't seem to work and I am kind of stuck here.
    I've followed the steps in the example

    1. kept the original code, because I want to use overspeed(50)
    2. in addTableFactories I uncommented this line
      // To add the RuleFactoryExample module:
      Device.setRuleFactory(new RuleFactoryExample());
    3. in config.cnf I uncommented this line
      and updated the database, I can now see the extra fields in the database
      rebuild and redeploy
    4. I can see the fields in the device admin
    5. I filled out this in the device admin
      notify enable : yes
      notify email :
      rule selector : overSpeed(50)
      notify subject : some subject
      notify body : some body
    6. then I send this link
      and the eventdata shows up in the database but nothing of the notification happens

    I already sent a testmail using bin/ -sendMail and this worked fine.
    I also found that if I add
    to the common.cnf that doing says factory installed.

    I have no idea what I could have missed. Any ideas someone?

    Last edit: Bao 2013-07-18
  • Bao

    Bao - 2013-07-22

    After a lot of debuging I found the problem, it actually was something stupid I didn't see.
    In the factoryexample there is this line

    private static boolean SEND_NOTIFICATION = true; // set to 'true' for production

    This was set to false and so it didn't work.


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