How to Capture Data from Device GT06?

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  • Slash Mnemonic

    Slash Mnemonic - 2011-02-11


    I have a new device GT06.
    I was running with GPS518 server, but the data notfull capture…

    data capture like this:

    Recv: 7878
    Parsing: xx
    Parsing res: x          
    Recv: 01035341903323657600
    Parsing: SA�3#ev
    Parsing res: SA�3#e          
    Recv: 6B9B
    Parsing: k�
    Parsing res: k          
    Empty packet received …
    End of stream
    End of stream
    End of session …
    End TCP communication:

    any solution for this Device?

  • Slash Mnemonic

    Slash Mnemonic - 2011-03-04

    help me?

  • Andranik Minasyan

    Hello slashmnemonic,

    Have you got working gt06 with opengts?
    I have the same problem, may be we can make working this device together?

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-06

    Did anyone get this running ?

  • Anonymous - 2012-03-14

    I need to run GT02 on my openGTS server please help. I tried to configure template server but no success

  • Pavel

    Pavel - 2012-03-15

    sanju2121 , what format use GT02 ? Ascii or binary ? If you have any documentation for this tracker, may be I can help you.

  • Pavel

    Pavel - 2012-03-16

    sanju2121 ,  I sent to you private message

  • Anonymous - 2012-03-16

    please send ur ip n port. n tell me wat time shall i startup  my device

  • Vicente Pita

    Vicente Pita - 2012-03-29

    Hi help gt02 protocol

  • Ramesh Saruvamalai


    I am using GT-06 to write devise communication server and its sending only login details. How can i get the other details from the devise. Any response message has to be sent to the device. If it so can any one please send me the response string. My Mail id is
    Many thanks in advance

    • deep p

      deep p - 2016-06-23

      i have also facing a same problem like getting login packet everytime

      I am using GT-06N to write device communication server and its sending only login details. How can i get the other details from the device. Any response message has to be sent to the device. If it so can any one please send me the response string. My Mail id is

      i am also write device communication listener in

      please any one suggest me........

  • Ramesh Saruvamalai

    Finally i have writen DCS for GT-06. :)

  • Ramesh Saruvamalai


    I have DCS in .net. Please send me your private mail id if you need any help.



    • Tim James

      Tim James - 2013-11-04 I don't even know how to send a txt to get a reply. Wiring was easy but the company that sold me device don't know how to write instructions. I have device installed in car with a working Tmobile sim card. Phone number works but how do I communicate with the device.. I have tried all the commands in the manual they sent in 1/2 chinese.. but no replies to my text from the device itself.

    • Amar

      Amar - 2015-01-06

      Hi Ramesh
      I need can you Please send me THE configuration of the GT06. I have a GT02 device and i think that they use the same configuration template.
      My email is
      I Will really appreciat it

    • Nelson Santos

      Nelson Santos - 2015-01-22

      Hi Ramesh...

      I have to work around a solution for save GPS data on SQL server database. With this data, I will generate some types of reports.

      Meanwhile, we have used GT02a devices types from China.

      The protocol used is in ASCII format, enclosed with '()' chars.

      Have you used the same type of protocol on your .NET project?

      Here, I don't know how to send commands to device. I have made a Socket process do communicate with device, but I have success only on get messages from device.

      I dont know when to send command to the device for simple tasks, like change the interval time of the messages.

      I have the commands protocol's, but, I dont know how to transmit to the device.

      There are some tips to send me that solve my issues?


      Nelson Santos

  • Badzia

    Badzia - 2012-08-22

    When you receive login data like this:
    0x7878  01    0D0A
    then you need to send respond:
    0x7878 05 01   0D0A
    (ie: 0x787805010001D9DC0D0A)


  • Gohar Gevorgyan

    Gohar Gevorgyan - 2012-08-28

    Hi Badzia,
    Please, can you tell me, how to calculate crc data?
    Thank you! :)

  • Ramesh Saruvamalai

    Send me your personal e-mail id i will send you the functions and calculation details

  • Gohar Gevorgyan

    Gohar Gevorgyan - 2012-08-28

    Ramesh, I sent you private message.
    Thanks a lot ! :)

  • Gohar Gevorgyan

    Gohar Gevorgyan - 2012-08-31

    Hi Ramesh!
    No need to send me codes, cause I wrote it myself !!!
    Thank you :)

  • Vicente Pita

    Vicente Pita - 2012-09-19

    Hi Ivys, thanks for providing the files GT06. I implemented it with the 2:45 version made ​​some adjustments, but I'm having problem in latitude and longitude, as well as converting this: 12.94553/38.48046: Wag Hemra, and not Ethiopia: -12.94553/-38.48046: Av Eliotério, 1-41 - farm Grande do Retiro. calculate this missing hemisphere nort, south east.

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