Reverse Geocode Problem

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-03

    I have enabled the Nominatim reverse-geocode provider (active=true) in private.xml and confirmed that the sysadmin account has privateLabelName=* and geocoderMode=3.  I have also rebuilt/redeployed track.war (and restarted Tomcat just to be certain).

    Running in a terminal prompt works fine, returning the correct address for my GPS location, but I cannot get any addresses to display in the web interface map view.

    w-gprmc.log shows the following line following each new GPS fix:

    [INFO_|10/03 13:57:37|EventData.updateAddress:2045] [Account 'sysadmin'] PrivateLabel '*' does not define a ReverseGeocodeProvider

    I have researched this error, but all I can find are references to the reverse-geocode provider not been enabled in private.xml and/or the account not having the correct privateLabelName.  I have only one domain configured in private.xml with the default values for name/host:


    In common.conf I have the following entries:

    # --- System Admin account name
    # --- Account: default PrivateLabel name for new accounts

    I have also tried with the privateLabelName uncommented and set to * and default, with the same results.  Is anybody able to suggest where else I can look to try and determine why this is not working?

    Installation details:
    OS: Mac OS X Lion
    OpenGTS version:  2.4.3
    Apache Tomcat version:  7.0.29

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2012-10-20


    I have almost the same problem with my installation:

    OS: Fedora release 17
    OpenGTS version: 2.4.5
    Apache Tomcat version: 7.0.32 with -account=sysadmin works fine with google or nominatim

    I testet lots of changes in private.xml, .conf files and changing settings in the sysadmin Account in the database. Did ant track, ant track.deploy an tomcat restarts after each change. Everythings seems to work fine but the Error

    |EventData.updateAddress:2104]  PrivateLabel '*' does not define a ReverseGeocodeProvider

    comes with every GPS Fix from the Android App GPSLogger.

    Any hint where to look or what to do will be welcome.

  • Wolfgang

    Wolfgang - 2012-10-21


    after some hours of sleep and a fresh cup of coffee I found my error. I learned that the private.xml from my gts home directory is copied to a subdirectory under the tomcat/webapps directory. But there exists not only one copy - there is a copy for each gts module. So my ant track.deploy was useless for the gprmc module… After ant gprmc.deploy the correct private.xml was copied to the right place. Now everything works like a charm.

    • Purushotham Reddy Pamuluru

      Thank you so much Wolfgang. You are very right and this is working fine for me.

      Last edit: Purushotham Reddy Pamuluru 2015-05-09
  • vilas

    vilas - 2012-12-07

    hi ,
    i m vilas and now  i m working on open gts tracking system and i hv one error .my opengts tracker working fine but in logs i get one errror
    PrivateLabel '*' does not define a ReverseGeocodeProvider
    and in my database location doesn't show .
    please help me
    thanking you

  • Anonymous - 2013-02-05

    I have the issue with the same message in MacOSX10.7.5, OpenGTS 2.4.7 and Tomcat 6.0.35. But in my case, it was OK before I added 'msg' parameter. It happens error with http 505 but it works well when I remove the parameter. Quite weird.

  • Tonito

    Tonito - 2014-03-02
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  • Tonito

    Tonito - 2014-03-09

    I have the same problem did someone fix it yet ???? please help me to !

  • Denis

    Denis - 2014-04-03
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