#21 Pushpin color transition (speed) is incorrect


This is the scenario:

I'm transmitting and inserting speeds as kph into the data base. I used a random location generator that creates locations with increasing speed, +1kph per location starting from 1kph, so that

location 1: 1 kph
location 2: 2 kph
location 3: 3 kph
location N: N kph

When I set the account speed unit to kph (actually it doesn't matter which unit you use here), the legend shows the correct values (More than 32 km/h, More than 8 km/h, Less than 8 km/h) but the pushpin color transition from red to yellow is not correct. The pushpin at a speed of 5kph is already yellow which is not correct according to the legend. Interestingly, the transition from yellow to green (31kph -> 32kph) is correct.


  • YanXu

    YanXu - 2011-10-05

    A screenshot of a pushpin at a speed of 5 kph

  • Martin Flynn

    Martin Flynn - 2012-04-17

    When setting custom speeds for pushpin color changes, the Legend (defined in "private.xml") must match the pushpin selection code (in "jsmap.js"). When changing one, the other must be changes as well to ensure that the pushpin selection is in-sync with the legend specification.

  • Martin Flynn

    Martin Flynn - 2012-04-17
    • status: open --> closed