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Ben Ockmore
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Welcome to the wiki of the OpenGROW project.

Open because it's open source, GROW standing for Generated Realistic Outdoor Wildlife. Yeah, I did make that up just to fit the word GROW. But it sounds believable!

Initially, I'll be adding the basic libraries to the project that'll be needed, such as Boost and Ogre, for displaying the generated plants. We'll also need an XML loader to load and save plant parameters and definitions files, probably pugiXML since I've used it before and it's clean.

The project will be developed in Code::Blocks using GNU GCC on Linux and MinGW on Windows, to make it as cross-platform as possible.

Having done some research, we'll be basing the library on this paper by Jason Weber and Joseph Penn, with some ideas incorporated from this paper by various authors from the University of Calgary. It would be helpful to take a look at these papers before contributing code to the library. Both papers are linked and attached.

Feel free to comment, or contribute any work to the wiki that you think could be useful!

Alternatively, take a look at the code-base and see if you can help out there, providing code or tips!



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