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OpenGoo 1.4 is out!

Feng Office presents OpenGoo version 1.4, the latest release of its Web Office Suite.

The features introduced in this version increase the suite’s flexibility to adapt to several business scenarios, allowing managers to include custom properties on every system’s objects, and customs reports related to their particular needs.

Version 1.4 also tackles a long-standing request from the user community: better help, through an integrated “contextual help” system. Help is now introduced in small, contextual text boxes (guidance widgets) that can be closed by the users after they learn the concepts it explains. Also, the side-bar help (victim of a chronic abandonment) has finally been dropped, giving more room to the work canvas.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-05-19

OpenGoo 1.4 RC is out!

This release corrects many bugs from OpenGoo 1.4 beta 2.

Download at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo_1.4.rc.zip

Please report bugs at http://bugs.opengoo.org


Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-05-08

OpenGoo 1.4 beta 2 is out

This release corrects many bugs from OpenGoo 1.4 beta and improves functionality of the new reporting features.

Download at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo_1.4.beta2.zip

Please report bugs at http://bugs.opengoo.org


Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-05-02

OpenGoo: 1.4 beta released!

OpenGoo is a free and open source WebOffice, project management and collaboration tool, licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license.

OpenGoo 1.4 beta has been released!

This version is for testing and evaluation only. You can help us stabilize this version by testing this release and reporting bugs to http://bugs.opengoo.org. Please take the time to test it as you will be helping all of the OpenGoo community and you will be able to use a more stable product.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-04-23

OpenGoo 1.3.1 released

OpenGoo 1.3.1 has been released.

It consists only of fixes to some bugs that have been reported by the community throughout the week. Thank you so much for your contribution!

The most important bug corrections are:

* Fixed an issue with reminders that showed the same reminder several times when it was assigned to all subscribers
* Email retrieving through IMAP wasn't working correctly.
* Closing a timeslot throwed an error.
* Event invitations were not working correctly.
* Email accounts could not be deleted.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-03-26

OpenGoo: 1.3 final is out!

OpenGoo is a free and open source WebOffice, project management and collaboration tool, licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license.

OpenGoo 1.3 final has been released, with updates and new functionality that improve usability!

Some of the new features introduced since version 1.2 are a billing module, reminders, and a workspace information widget.

Download OpenGoo 1.3 here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo_1.3.zip... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-03-19

OpenGoo: 1.3 RC2

OpenGoo is a free and open source WebOffice, project management and collaboration tool, licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license.

This version corrects a problem with cookie management introduced in 1.3 RC, that caused that many people couldn't login or logout from the system.

Besides that it only updates translations for Italian, Russian and Traditional Chinese and adds the translation for Simplified Chinese.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-03-10

OpenGoo 1.3 RC1 is out!

The first release candidate for version 1.3 is out. Many issues were fixed from 1.3 beta on this new version. OpenGoo 1.3 final is scheduled for March 16th, so please send your bugs reports or translations soon so that we can squeeze them into the final version.

You can report bugs, contact us and download OpenGoo 1.3 RC1 at:
- http://bugs.opengoo.org
- http://forums.opengoo.org
- http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo_1.3.rc.zip... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-03-05

OpenGoo 1.3-beta

The first beta of OpenGoo 1.3 is out. This version introduces some new features, several usability improvements and some bugfixes from 1.2 releases. This version is recommended for testing and evaluating purposes only. For use in production environments please download OpenGoo 1.2.1.

The most notable new features in OpenGoo 1.3 beta are:
- Billing module:
- Allows defining hourly rates for users and workspaces.
- You can generate a report showing how much should be billed for some client.
- You also get charts on the dashboard comparing billing amounts by user.
- Reminders:
- Define email reminders or popup reminders for events, tasks and milestones.
- You can define reminders for yourself or for all subscribers of an object.
- Email reminders need a properly configured cron job.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-02-24

OpenGoo 1.2.1 stable is out!

OpenGoo 1.2.1 stable is out.

This version of OpenGoo corrects some bugs and issues in version 1.2. If you are still using version 1.1 we strongly recommend you to upgrade to version 1.2.1. Upgrading is easy: unzip the new files into your OpenGoo 1.1. installation replacing your old files with new files, then surf to <your opengoo>/public/upgrade, follow the instructions and you're done! It's a good practice to backup your installation before upgrading (just in case).... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-02-24

OpenGoo 1.2 stable

OpenGoo 1.2 stable has been released!

This release corrects some bugs in 1.2 RC2 and became the first release in the 1.2 series to be suitable for production environments.

You can download OpenGoo 1.2 here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo-

To upgrade backup your installation, unzip to your OpenGoo installation and browse to http://<your opengoo>/public/upgrade.

For more info you can check the blog post at: http://blog.opengoo.org/?p=54 and the release notes at http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=191520&release_id=661511... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-02-18

OpenGoo 1.2 RC2

The last scheduled release candidate before 1.2 final is out!

Download: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/opengoo/opengoo_1.2_rc2.zip

Report bugs: http://bugs.opengoo.org

Changelog since RC1:
- bugfix: could not edit or delete a milestone in PHP 5.1.2
- bugfix: could not view a task with no due date.
- bugfix: editing custom properties threw an error on Opera.
- bugfix: when setting initial workspace as 'none' the last workspace was being shown.
- bugfix: Workspace crumbs showed only 'All' when an initial workspace was being loaded.
- bugfix: if a milestone with tasks was sent to trash the tasks listing breaks.
- bugfix: milestone date was being set incorrectly.

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-02-10

OpenGoo 1.2 Release Candidate 1

Firstly, many thanks to the OpenGoo community for helping us make a better product. We really appreciate your help, either in translations, bug reports, development or feature requests. Please, keep it up!

Today we are releasing the first release candidate of OpenGoo 1.2, which we hope will have few changes to what will be OpenGoo 1.2 final. The list of changes can be found next. There are missing translations on some language files, so please, help us complete them by translating to your language.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-02-04

OpenGoo 1.2 beta 2

Second beta of OpenGoo 1.2 is out. This release fixes some bugs from OpenGoo 1.2 beta but still has more bugs to fix. We think we are a couple of releases away from the final version so we decided to release a second beta before the release candidates.

To upgarde from 1.2 beta just unzip OpenGoo 1.2 beta 2 to your installation. You don't need to run any upgrade procedure unless you are upgrading from 1.1 or older versions.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-01-27

OpenGoo 1.2 beta

A new beta version of OpenGoo is out: OpenGoo 1.2 beta! This is the first release towards OpenGoo 1.2.

This version is for testing and evaluation, not for production use. We count on your feedback so that we can release a stable product for version 1.2, in three weeks. You can report bugs at http://bugs.opengoo.org and you can contact us for suggestions, comments, etc. at http://forums.opengoo.org .... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-01-20

OpenGoo 1.1 final

OpenGoo 1.1 is the new stable version of OpenGoo, recommended over 1.0. It is the result of a new development cycle that we have been following since 1.0, in order to achieve more stability with our new releases. OpenGoo 1.1 has been thoroughly tested by the community and ourselves to ensure that most of the bugs were corrected. Is OpenGoo 1.1 bug-free? Most certainly not. Like with most software, it would be impossible to test OpenGoo under all possible configurations, so bugs may arise, and if they do we count on you to report them and help all of the community. However, we are confident that this release is the most stable version of OpenGoo to date.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-12-30

OpenGoo 1.1 RC2

OpenGoo 1.1 release candidate 2 is out!

This is the last scheduled release before version 1.1 final, that is expected to be out next week.

You can report any bugs you find in http://bugs.opengoo.org

Thanks for using OpenGoo!

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-12-26

OpenGoo 1.1 RC1

The first Release Candidate for version 1.1 is out!

This release fixes some bugs reported for version 1.1 beta. There may be one more release candidate before version 1.1 final scheduled for December 29.

We now need your help to detect more bugs so that we get to version 1.1 final with a more stable product. Please, if you have the time, download and test this release, and report any bugs you find to bugs.opengoo.org.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-12-15

OpenGoo 1.1 Beta released

OpenGoo 1.1 beta is the first step towards OpenGoo 1.1 final. Since it is a beta version it has not been tested thoroughly enough for use in productions environment, so we recommend to stay with OpenGoo 1.0 in production environments and use OpenGoo 1.1 beta for testing or evaluation purposes. We would greatly appreciate if everyone in the OpenGoo community could take some time to download this version, test it (use it as you normally use OpenGoo) and report any bugs you find. As always, all of the community would benefit from this effort.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-12-08

OpenGoo 1.0 released

After nearly two years of work in this project, we are proud to announce the release of OpenGoo 1.0.
Since version 0.9.X we have added very few features and focused mainly in removing the largest quantity of bugs. We aimed for system robustness and we have achieved our goals in this matter. Of course there are lots of pending issues, and -as strange as it may seem- we really hope these issues keep appearing. Finding bugs means OpenGoo is evolving, changing, suffering constant revision and renovation. And we like this.
So what’s next? Our next big step is formalization and professionalization. We have ended the beta stage, where nearly everything is admitted, and have the desire to move forward. Lately, we have been working to improve OpenGoo development process, in order to achieve better planning. The final goal is to be more predictable both for users and for system administrators.
We have other new challenges: help and documentation are the biggest. We are confident that we have a great product, but it will never be complete without a manual … and this absence is stopping new users and developers to join us.
So please stay tuned, and expect more news from the team!

Posted by Marcos 2008-11-08

OpenGoo 1.0 RC3

The third release candidate for OpenGoo 1.0 is out.

Please test this release and submit any bugs you find to http://forums.opengoo.org.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-11-05

OpenGoo 1.0 RC1

The first (and only?) release candidate for version 1.0 of OpenGoo is out. What it includes:

- Greatly improved tasks module (nicer L&F and much more functionality on the tasks panel)
- Improved calendar module. (now you can filter the events and invite people to an event)
- Object Subscriptions to track comments on objects
- Easily backup your OpenGoo installation from the Administration panel.
- Several configuration options added, accessible through Account / Edit preferences
- Improved many GUI controls throughout OpenGoo.
- Lots of bugfixes.... read more

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-10-28

OpenGoo 0.9.2

A new bugfix release for OpenGoo is out. It includes fixes for some important so upgrading is recommended. Check the release notes for more details.

Thank you for trying Opengoo!

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-10-17

OpenGoo 0.9.1

A minor update to version 0.9.

* Fixed upgrade from version 0.8
* Fixed bugs on contacts permissions
* Fixed other minor bugs

Please update your version of OpenGoo and report any bugs you find.

Thank you very much.

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2008-10-11

OpenGoo 0.9 released

We are excited to announce version 0.9, one of the latest beta releases in the roadmap.

Basically, it fixes a lot of bugs and has a few additions we considered important. Going into the details of OpenGoo 0.9 would make for too long a post, so I’ll rather recommend going into the release notes for the list. There are probably a few new bugs too, so keep tuned for a probable quick update after the feedback.... read more

Posted by conradov 2008-10-07