OpenGLEAN adds dozens of new fonts.

OpenGLEAN gleanfonts adds dozens of new fonts. gleanfonts will house
all fonts that are to be embedded in the OpenGLEAN project. The font
support is likely to evolve, but the API is for now based on the GLUT
API, with extensions (and many new fonts). Separation of the fonts
is in part because there is no excuse for GLUT like libraries to tie
the fonts so closely to unrelated window/device/etc. APIs, and partly
to allow the fonts to develop more experimentally. As part of the
OpenGLEAN portability library suite, gleanfonts provides the same
basic fonts on every platform. gleanfonts itself is under the MIT
license, though the font data is extracted from an X server and bears
a comparably liberal license from Adobe.

See for overview and for the project homepage.

Chief updates in this release:

* Adds two new typefaces (Courier and Symbol) from Adobe.

* Expands all Adobe fonts to include 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, and 24
pixel height (ascent) variants.

* Adds _BOLD variants to all but Symbol.

* Adds _ITALIC variants to all Adobe fonts (including _BOLD
variants), except for Symbol.

Posted by Richard Rauch 2005-09-18

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