OpenGLEAN releases gleanshapes 0.1

OpenGLEAN has just been released gleanshapes 0.1. This marks the first
portion of the GLUT API to be preserved in an external library. The
release is partly to work out kinks in the release infrastructure
after setting up the new sub-project.

gleanshapes has started using the SourceForge CVS server, so it may
be examined via anoncvs. The expectation is to create a handful of
narrowly focused libraries that preserve OpenGLEAN's fairly complete
GLUT compatibility. However, as the GNU auto* tools used embed
about 1MB of files (uncompressed), it is possible that a single
"gleanglut" library will be used to house all separable GLUT
compatibility routines that OpenGLEAN removes.

See for overview and for the project homepage.

Posted by Richard Rauch 2005-08-15

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