OpenGLEAN: redbook demos update, 0.9.2.

The OpenGLEAN project has just released the 0.9.2 version of its "redbook" examples. The redbook examples are drawn from the classic OpenGL programming guide published by Adison-Weseley. OpenGLEAN is an attempt to glean the glutted GLUT API (or a"GLUT gone lean"). It is based on freeglut and OpenGLUT, and has the liberal MIT license.

See for an overview, and for the project homepage.

The changes are mostly to remove some cruft and provide a pre-built -doc archive with PDF & LaTeX output, as well as a -doc archive with newer (better, its hoped) output in general.

As the redbook examples are fairly stable, it is expected that this will be unchanged until OpenGLEAN 1.0 is cut. If you already have the 0.9.1 OpenGLEAN versions of the redbook examples, and mostly just want the raw C source code, there is no need to upgrade to 0.9.2. But if you don't have 0.9.1, or want improved documentation, then you will should consider getting this update.

Posted by Richard Rauch 2005-08-11

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