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OpenGLEAN 0.4.1 released.

OpenGLEAN 0.4.1 has just been released. OpenGLEAN is "a GLUT gone lean"---but the name also suggests "gleaning" (separating the good stuff from the chaff). OpenGLEAN is a GLUT family member, based on OpenGLUT and freeglut, with an eye towards removing deadwood (targeted as a 1.0 release). This positions OpenGLEAN as a portability windowing-and-OpenGL library, suitable for new applications. Its liberal MIT license sets it apart from many other such libraries that are LGPLed.

See for overview and for the project homepage.

Mostly an maintenence release. The only absolute thing to address before making good on the "lean" part of the name is to migrate core functionality off to external libraries (e.g., for fonts).

Posted by Richard Rauch 2005-07-14

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