#21 OpenGLEAN 1.0 branch.


As the sub-libraries are beginning to be built, the time
is getting close (very close, I hope) for OpenGLEAN 1.0.

At that time, it would be good to create a branch
("glean-classic"?) which will allow maint. development.
My thought is:

* Create the branch.
* Re-enable all of the stuff that is being disabled
for compatibility with sub-libraries (in particular,
* Allow a few libtool major ("CURRENT") versions
for the branch to evolve.
* If the branch runs out of libtool version space,
then when the development branch has its next
incompatible break (if it does), allow a few more.

The idea is to preserve features which may take
significantly different form in future OpenGLEAN
revisions. (E.g., the GLUT menu API is likely going to
be tossed out in favor of application-run menu windows.
Game mode will be split into its functional components,
with the old gamemode functions deleted.)

(Well...maybe the gamemode API will be added to an
external library. But without redesigning the OpenGLEAN
event model, the GLUT-style menus cannot be exported to
a separate API. Not, at least, based on the approach
that freeglut took.)


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