#14 Resolve pbuffer issues.


I have had problems with pbuffers failing to work for
offscreen windows on both RedHat GNU/LINUX and CygWIN.
I suspect that the cause is that I am in some way
using an "obscure" feature of pbuffers which is not
uniformly implemented. (I used what I took to be the
official pbuffer documentation, and tested against Mesa
6.<something>. pbuffers work on *some* systems.)

I don't know if the issue needs to be bumped up to
OpenGL vendors, or if I can (or should/must) modify how
OpenGLEAN is using pbuffers in order to work.

Since I do not know that this is an OpenGLEAN bug, and
there is evidence that it is not, I am filing this as
an RFE. If the issue is resolved by CygWIN, RedHat, et
al, fixing bugs, then I will probably close this RFE
and consider it resolved by 3rd parties.

If it can be shown that I am abusing the pbuffer
interface, I will elevate this RFE to "bug" status.


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