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OpenGFS 2.6 port

Attempts to port OpenGFS to the 2.6 kernel are underway. I've done a lot of the initial getting it to compile type stuff done, but we can always use more help.

Posted by Brian Jackson 2003-11-29

We're still alive

Even though the sf news section hasn't been updated, we're still alive and kicking. I'll try to keep the news uptodate from now on.

Posted by Brian Jackson 2003-11-29

opengfs-0.1.0 has been released

Changes to prior releases:

* Security audit + fixes.
* Several kernel driver bugs (oopses/deadlocks) fixed.
* Replaced routines with generic code where possible.
* New build system: faster, less code.

* Newer kernels (2.4.13ac, 2.4.16+, 2.4.18, 2.4.19) supported,
linux 2.2 support is gone.
* gnbd has been split into it's own package.
* Switched to autoconf/automake build system.

Posted by Dominik Vogt 2002-10-18

Development started again

We have gotten development on this project started again and we are working feverishly on integrating DLM.

Posted by Brian Jackson 2002-09-17

Initial Work

Initial work has begun from the imported tree. At the moment the goal is to clean up the code and also to audit the tools.

Initial auditing has found serious security concerns in the imported 4.1 tree, including remote exploits. We have no idea if Sistina non-free GFS 4.2 is vulnerable.

Obviously we don't want to da a release until there is a secure OpenGFS.

Posted by Alan Cox 2001-09-01

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