Getting a message during fs load

  • Henrik Larsson

    Henrik Larsson - 2004-01-13


    I have installed your ogfs and is trying it out using two nodes and one shared scsi disk.

    When i'm running bonnie++ on the mounted fs I'm getting the same message several times:

    memexp: asking for lock (4,437536) action 3 from 0

    Is this a problem or is it just info? What does it mean?


    • Henrik Larsson

      Henrik Larsson - 2004-01-13

      I have two mysqld, one on each node also running and utilizing the same database on the ogfs.
      This might be good to know also :)

    • Brian Jackson

      Brian Jackson - 2004-01-13

      It's not necessarily an error, it just means that the node is trying to acquire a lock for a file that some other node has locked and won't give up. If you get a lot of these, it's a good sign of lock contention on a file or files. Unfortunately your setup lends itself to high lock contention. Did you make sure that it's okay for mysql to share files in this way? (I admit to not knowing much about it's clustering abilities) That's definitely something you'll want to check out.


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