Sistina and OpenGFS?

  • Scott Paltzer

    Scott Paltzer - 2001-09-03

    Nice site.  Good to see that the movers and shakers in the Linux world can set up a SourceForge account in response to the GFS news.  There's nothing more satifying than fighting evil corporate greed, right?  I mean, just because Sistina is trying to pay its' engineers is no reason that they shouldn't give their work away, huh?  GFS wouldn't be anything without the thousands of collective hours of sweat by you, the righteous Free Software Folks!  How dare they try to build a business model!  How dare they steal your bugfixes!  Why can't they just provide services, like all of the other wildly successful Linux companies?  So what if they can't make money; their engineers should be doing this for the higher ideals of Freedom!

    Just remember; many projects that start as an act of revenge or politics fail.

    • Arjan van de Ven

      I for one don't have a problem with companies doing commercial development. I _do_ have a problem with companies taking other peoples GPL code and either incorperating that into their closed product, or otherwise violating the GPL.

      In my opinion, GFS 4.2 is doing the later, and might be doing the former if the non-Sistina parts of GFS haven't been carefully removed (I haven't seen 4.2 code so I'll give Sistina the benifit of the doubt there). 


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