Hi Malcolm,

Hmm that's strange... it seems the website (http://opengeotracker.org) is down !

Johan: do you know about this ? Can you help this gentleman further ?
We can always open a Google Code repository to host the files...

Met vriendelijke groeten, Salutations sincères, Kind regards,

Tom Van Braeckel
GSM: 0032 (0) 486 63 58 04


On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Malcolm O'Meara <mackomeara@googlemail.com> wrote:

Hello Tom,

I got your e-mail address on the net.

I am looking for a download of the OpenGeoTracker but cannot find it anywhere. The downloads on Sourceforge and other locations are no longer there.
Could you possibly send me a copy. Would be very grateful.

With best regards

Malcolm O'Meara