Great news !

I just checked in about 7 JUnit tests to the android client that allow you to quickly test the project to make sure you didn't break anything. This saved me a bunch of time when testing the offline capabilities, and in combination with the handy "geo fix <lat> <lon>" command I was able to develop about 99% without a pysical Android device.

When everything was done, I tested on my phone, it worked, and now I checked it in. Handy !

Now, unit tests only work when they are run every once in a while, so don't hesitate and just right click the Android project and do "Run" -> "Android JUnit test".

Also, if you find a bug, first add a unit test that reproduces the bug (and fails) and then start fixing the bug.
That way, our pool of tests keeps growing and our code quality keeps going up.
Saves a bunch of time since after a while you hardly need any manual testing !

Happy testing,