I'm going on my honeymoon in a few days and I could use the offline logging capabilities to avoid roaming data costs.
That's why I'm starting on the issue about offline logging capabilities, for the benefit of everyone :-)

Suggestions about the implementation are more than welcome, here are a few thoughts:

Server side:
- As discussed in the trac issue, we will use logMany.php

Client side:
- the client should be able to log at least one month of data, suppose that's 259 200 datapoints (6/minute) or maybe ~100Mb of data
- I suggest logging the data to a human readable text file on the SD card, so the user can see what's being logged,
- the client should check the HTTP return code of logMany.php, and re-POST if for some reason the HTTP POST failed (connection lost,...)

Any more hints, tips, tricks ?
Feel free !

Met vriendelijke groeten, Salutations sincères, Kind regards,

Tom Van Braeckel
GSM: 0032 (0) 486 63 58 04