Release 2.0 is out!

It is called "2.0" being actually first really public release, as "1.0" version existed for closed group only.

For those of you who never heared of OpenFWTK, it is an application proxy firewall suite.

Notable features are:

* True application layer filter (popular technology known
as "DPI" - Deep Packet Inspection or "SPF" - Stateful
Packet Filtering - is not. It's just an ugly hack.)

* Unified pluggable (which means you may separate
questionable security code like antivirus and antispam
engines from the firewall host) content inspection for
most used protocols (http, smtp, ftp, pop3, nntp are
supported at the moment)

* NAC (Network Admission Control) - like functionality for
web browsers - you may define fine-grained internet access
policy based on browser identification.

* Improved proxy development API so you may develop custom
applications with ease.

Unfortunately there is no step by step installation guide in this package - we hope we will add more documentation later. For a quick start (if you are not familliar with TIS fwtk), read and then consult appropriate components manual pages to check if there is some difference (in most cases there is, but overall operation and design principles, are still the same, as well as configuration file syntax has many similarities.

Posted by ArkanoiD 2007-09-26

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