Why not offer built packages

  • BrendaEM

    BrendaEM - 2008-09-04

    I think that it's a good strategy to offer built packages at least for Windows, and Ubuntu, and perhaps OSX because people may want to help with a project if they can see its promise, and perhaps just want it to do one more little thing.

    Often, engineering-type software is the most difficult to get running of any I have ever tried, with message boards filled with people asking for compiling help.

    I've compiled a lot of software for Linux, but I will never compile anything for Windows.

    Ubuntu is the single most popular distro, with more brainshare than every other distro, and even out-Googling the word "Linux" itself. Why there's isn't a deb or source, or an apt server, it's not clear.

    I may seem unappreciative, but I am unsure that I am going to be able to do enough editing of the source to get it to compile.

    I may seem unappreciative, to to be, I would have to have benefit to do so.

    [I'm interested in your software because OpenFlower seems to have died.]

    Ultimately, would LESS people try and use OpenFVM, if packages were available?

    Thank you for your consideration,

    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2008-09-05


      First of all, I also think it is a great idea to have packages for a variety of distros.

      However, before building a package for ubuntu or any other distro and maintaining it, it is important to get OpenFVM up to speed with Gmsh 2.0.

      I compiled the serial version of OpenFVM in ubuntu with no problem. It might be more difficult to get the parallel version since there are more dependencies.

      The ubuntu package for Gmsh is version 2.0. So if you would like a complete integrated CFD solution, it is necessary to use Gmsh version 1.65 for now.

      Soon, I hope to have OpenFVM compatible with Gmsh version 2.0 (this is not too difficult but requires some time).

      I don't know if LES people would use OpenFVM simply because packages were available.



    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2008-09-08

      Hi, I just finished version 1.1 which is more compatible with the latest Gmsh version. If anyone can help me with building packages for linux distros, please send me an email.

      OpenFVM serial version depends on Gmsh and gnuplot. The parallel version might be more difficult to package since it depends also on PETSc and METIS.

      Although in a first attempt it would be nice to have the serial version at least and I think this would not be too much trouble since Gmsh and gnuplot are already pretty much supported at least by Ubuntu.



    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2008-09-08

      Correction: OpenFVM serial version doesn't really depend on Gmsh or gnuplot to be built.


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