On asking about the local mesh refinement

  • Sungwook Lee

    Sungwook Lee - 2009-04-01

    Dear developer,

    I'm trying to add the local mesh refinment functionality to OpenFVM for my purpose. I'd like to know what is the best approach to add LMR to OpenFVM.
    Because it seems that OpenFVM doesn't support the multi-faces hexahedron(polyhedron), I need to add it up to OpenFVM.

    Actually, I have an idea to do it. But Gmsh coulnot be availible any more with my approach. I still want to use Gmsh to check the grid files.

    Could you give me some advices for this?

    Thanks in advance,


    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2009-04-01

      That is a very interesting idea and I also would like to implement that. I don't think it should be too hard.

      I will have to think about the best approach on how to implement this and get back to you. You are right, there is a problem of Gmsh not supporting these kinds of grids.

    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2009-04-06

      The first thing to do is too remove/increase the MAX_FACES constant to deal with polyhedra with 8 faces. By doing the local mesh refinement you need to add these elements to the mesh structure (maybe to the end) and upate the face list (on both sides of the refinement).

      How were you thinking of the subdivision? 1 Hexahedra into 8?


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