two problems with parallel running

  • Zhicheng Wang

    Zhicheng Wang - 2011-04-16

    Hi, x-flow,

    In your original code, you use  GeoMagVector (GeoSubVectorVector (ghost.celement, elements.celement)) to represent the distance along face normal between an element and a ghost cell, but I think it is the distance between two cell centers, not on the face normal direction.

    The other problem is the output file *.001.pos will miss some data sometime. for example , the last data should be "2.30558E-1", but it shows me "2.30558",  that means "E-1" is lost !

    If you could give any comment, it would help me a lot.


  • x-flow

    x-flow - 2011-04-17

    Yes, that is distance between cell centers only. If you want the normal distance you have to dot product or something more complicated.
    Can you send me the files you are using to test that problem in the pos file?
    You can try also to save in binary format instead of ascii and check if this solves your problem. Anyway I would like to correct this.


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