Parallel solver performance

  • kevin98

    kevin98 - 2014-08-02

    I came here from the Petsc site while learning Parallel programming using Petsc Vectors.
    1) I was not able to complete example case with Parallel solver. Setup using latest Petsc and ParMetis. Serial solver solves the same example case in say 1hr30min. Parallel keeps working for more than 3 hrs, then due to some error it was shut down. Second time it was manually closed.
    So my question - what was the performance improvement you observed with the Parallel solver vs Serial solver. I used 4 cores on multicore machine. I could see 4 decomposed .msh and while solving 4 .pos.

    2) How to reconstruct the results from the parallel solver. I could never complete example case, so do not know if this happens automatically at the end.
    Pl help.

  • kevin98

    kevin98 - 2014-08-03

    About 2) You have already answered this in help docs;
    To view the results of all partitions type: "gmsh lid.*.pos &"

    I am working on Linux.


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