Problem with OpenFVM - Windows XP

  • Rafał

    Helo, i'm a new user of the OpenFVM and I have some small problems with it. The first - how to run the environment (OpenFVM with all programs) on Win XP? It is possible? Please give me tips… Second - how to quickly operate on the OpenFVM - only from the command line? Perhaps will be better to change the operating system?
    I know how to generate grid in gmesh, but the next step… the program is generating some errors:
    Error : Surface 23 cannot be meshed using the transfinite algo - the same in four lines - 15, 19 and 27 in tutorial file also, What happens if I ignore these errors?
    It's looks like the program has problem with libraries - OpenFVM ver. 1.3 can work independently? Please, if you can, write me all sugestion how to run OpenFVM properly.
    Thanks for your time.

  • x-flow

    You want to add OpenFVM to your path? If so go to "My Computer" and select environment variables and the directory to your PATH variable. OpenFVM only works using the command line. I suggest you look at:
    The tutorial may be outdated when defining gmsh geometry. If you get errors following the tutorial build the geometry using gmsh interface. OpenFVM should run independently but if you get errors such as missing DLLs it might be that you need to install Microsoft visual studio C++ redistributables.

  • Rafał

    Thank you for your reply x-flow. I prepared the grid and again when you start openfvm error occurred:
    Reading mesh file: ……
    Error: Number of tags! = 3
    What am I doing wrong? Regards, and please be patient …

  • gianluca

    You are probably using GMSH 2.5.0 which outputs 2 tags instead of 3. You have two choices, one is to go back to GMSH 2.4.X (X being whatever is available to you), or two edit the mesh.c file and search for number of tags, you will see an if statement which checks for 3 tags, change that to 2, recompile and you are good to go.

  • Rafał

    Thank you for your help. OpenFVM works, appeared in the *. pos but when opened in Gmsh do not see anything. Why?
    Do OpenFVM reading each mesh generated by Gmsh? I created a simple trapeze, which consists of four elements. Message appears:
    Reading mesh file: trapez.msh …
    Error: invalid element
    What is a parameter in the command line: … / f 1 OpenFVM trapeze?
    I greet and thank

  • Rossowski,

    Did you get OpenFVM installed on Windows? I would like to install it on windows 7.