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    • divaker

      divaker - 2009-04-06

      Great that u r building a windows version.
      What u have now, is it  working in full? I downloaded the binary file but do not know how to use it.
      Will u come up with an installable version of MSwin openfoam in future.

    • julian

      julian - 2009-05-31

      A beta release package of OpenFOAM 1.5 for windows with installer was released.

  • Peter Winch

    Peter Winch - 2009-09-23

    apostol: see my comment in the review.   I tried hard to make it work and spent two days going over and over it trying to match the user guide example, but no way could I get it working nice.  The problem was paraview didn't work, even though I was aksed to load two plug-ins which I did.  after a run, which worked in cavity, i couldn't get to the next example gadecavity to work, and neither could I post process the data crom cavity as per the user guide.  either I have wrong directories or something but there is a finger problem somewhere.  I hope you can fix it because it will be great if you can.

  • Philippose Rajan

    Hello and a good evening,

    Could you give some more details regarding the exact problems you are facing with Paraview when trying to post-process the Cavity of the "gadecavity" (which example is this?) simulations?

    As of now, in order to get Paraview working with the Windows version of OpenFOAM, you need to do the following:

    1. Copy the two plugin DLLs "libPV3FoamReader.dll" and "libPV3FoamReader_SM.dll" to the folder: "<Paraview root>/bin/plugins/"

    2. Create an empty file called "<case_name>.OpenFOAM"…. note… if I remember right, Paraview is case-sensitive… so the extension above, should be exactly as I have mentioned it…

    3. Open Paraview using the icon provided in the "OpenFoam Designer" GUI.

    4. Once the Paraview window has opened up, check to make sure that the two plugins have been loaded by going to the Menu "Tools -> Manage Plugins/Extensions", and see if the two plugins are listed.

    5. Click on the "File -> Open" menu, and select the "<case_name>.OpenFOAM" file that you created.

    6. Paraview should open the case and present the user interface with the available patch names, etc… the same interface that you see with the Linux version of the PV3FoamReader.

    I use the Windows version of OpenFOAM once in a while, and so far I have been able to post-process all my cases.

    Hope this helps!

    Have a nice day!


  • GregRet

    GregRet - 2009-10-11

    Hi apostol,
    realy great work. It's all working on my system, but i am missing some modules.
    Will there be a new release with the missing modules in the near future?


  • roman kozlov

    roman kozlov - 2009-10-19

    Dear apostol

    Would you help me with the problem of ParaView from your pack?
    The install dir of OpenFoam is D:\cfd\OpenFOAM-1.5,
    the install dir of ParaView is D:\cfd\graphics\Paraview-3.4.0

    1) After "cavity" case was completed there is error in ParaView Pipeline Browser during data reading:

    ERROR: In C:\tmp\OpenFOAM-1.5\3rdparty\ParaView-3.4.0\VTK\IO\vtkUnstructuredGridReader.cxx, line 350
    vtkUnstructuredGridReader (0x1f2e0f08): Unrecognized keyword: =\=®{<#×

    2) During plugins adding in Plugin Manager there is error:

    The file
    is not a valid Qt plugin.

  • Antonella

    Antonella - 2010-01-03

    Hello! I have just seen your application at the link https://sourceforge.net/projects/openfoam-mswin/
    Could you please clarify what I should do after installing it on my pc in order to get Openfoam working on Windows? What is the difference between this application and mingw32?
    Many thanks!

  • Xinze Lee

    Xinze Lee - 2010-01-30

    Hi, Julin!
    I wonder whether this project still be actived by you!

    Thank you


  • Xinze Lee

    Xinze Lee - 2010-02-02

    Happy Birthday!  the project is one years old now!

  • George Montgomery

    I loaded the Windows binary version of OpenFOAM and started following the example called Cavity. I typed in blockMesh and got no errors.

    I came to Section 2.1.2 Viewing the mesh. The instructions said to type paraFoam but I clicked on Paraview instead. The instructions said there would be cavity.OpenFOAM in the Pipeline Browser. There was not.

    Has anyone been able to run this example?

    Eventually I want to analyze the duct shown in iso of duct.jpg.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.



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