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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated component
240 missing reactingCloud1OutputProperties after panicDump Next Release (example) new 2017-02-14 2017-02-21 simpleFunctionObjects  
238 Compilation issues: "Passing X as 'this' argument discards qualifiers" Next Release (example) new 2017-01-14 2017-01-24 other  
234 Mesh motion of a dynamic mesh simuation is not being updated when writing the moving patch to vtk Next Release (example) new Bernhard Gschaider 2016-01-18 2016-01-18 simpleFunctionObjects  
233 swak$Foam install for OpenFOAM with WM_LABEL_SIZE=64 Next Release (example) acknowledged 2016-01-17 2016-01-31 other  
232 ensight data format in swak4foam for foam-extend-3.2 Next Release (example) new 2015-12-23 2016-01-18 other  
227 Build errors in swakSourceFields with Clang Next Release (example) new 2015-06-25 2015-06-26 other  
226 expressionSource: problem with dimension mismatch Next Release (example) acknowledged 2015-01-08 2015-01-08 other  
225 Failing read of swak4foam/global_variables file in binary mode Next Release (example) confirmed 2014-09-26 2014-10-03 other  
224 Spurious wanrings raised by calculatedGlobalVariables Next Release (example) confirmed 2014-09-26 2014-09-30 other  
223 adjustableTime outputControl fails for parallel runs if also adjustTime step is selected Next Release (example) new Bernhard Gschaider 2014-07-08 2014-08-28 other  
222 swak4foam angledDuctWithBalls example does not work for OF 23x Next Release (example) new 2014-07-02 2014-07-02 simpleFunctionObjects  
221 groovyBC: toPoint(cellMotionU) not working well in the first time step None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2012-07-09 2014-06-19 other  
211 swak4Foam does not work with bison 3.x None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2014-02-27 2014-02-28 other  
196 problems using "accumulations (weightedAverage)" in parallel and "accumulations (sum)" gives twice the expected value None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2014-01-09 2014-01-24 other  
183 solver crashes on call to "radiation_Ru()" in swakRadiationModelFunctionPlugin None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2013-08-08 2013-09-18 other  
143 storedVariables for delayed response of patch None assigned Bernhard Gschaider 2012-07-10 2012-07-10 groovyBC  
138 Broken links None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2012-06-22 2012-06-22 other  
123 Bug in groovyBC in parallel computation None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2012-02-11 2014-04-13 other  
99 files defined in the trackDictionary are not reread when updated during the run None acknowledged Martin Beaudoin 2011-09-19 2011-09-19 other  
84 gradientExpression None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2011-08-04 2011-08-05 groovyBC  
65 Random numbers generated with rand() within the same time step always generates the same random field None assigned Bernhard Gschaider 2011-05-25 2011-05-25 groovyBC  
43 funkySetBoundaryField based on external csv data file None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2010-12-19 2010-12-19 other  
19 Feature: Get x/y/z position of min/max values None acknowledged Bernhard Gschaider 2010-09-13 2010-10-25 simpleFunctionObjects  
14 No correct reread of parameters None confirmed Bernhard Gschaider 2010-08-03 2010-08-03 simpleFunctionObjects  
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