Dear FOAMers,

Happy New Year!

This newsletter contains information about upcoming events as well as exciting news

1) Upcoming OpenFOAM® Stammtisch events
2) FOAM-extend 3.0 released
3) 9th International OpenFOAM® Workshop

Keep foaming,


---- Upcoming OpenFOAM® Stammtisch events ----


Dear German FOAMers,

the next OpenFOAM® user group meetings (Stammtische) Germany will take place at the

Ruhr-Universität Bochum on 14.02.2014 (Central Germany)


TU Kaiserslautern on 17.02.2014 (Southern Germany)

The OpenFOAM® Stammtisch events are intended as a informal user meetings for FOAMers in Germany.

The agenda for the meeting will be provided soon. If you would like to give a presentation, please send an E-Mail to henrik.rusche[at]

Please register at the OpenFOAM-Extend Community Portal via the links provided above. Also do not forget your notebooks for the BoF-sessions.

---- FOAM-extend 3.0 released ----


We are proud to announce that the long-awaited next release of the
community fork of OpenFOAM(R) has finally happened! Previously known as
"OpenFOAM-extend", we intend continue the tradition and spirit of the
original FOAM code, which was released as the general purpose CFD/CCM
package by Nabla Ltd. in 2000. In this spirit, we shall revert to
original numbering scheme (foam-2.3.2, 13 December 2004) and name the
new release: "foam-extend-3.0", nicknamed "Jeju". It is distributed
under GPLv2. The release can be compiled and runs on any linux system
and Apple Mac OS X.

The release contains work by over 50 contributors. For a full list of
features and improvements, please have a look at the release notes.
This is a community effort and we welcome all your contributions: Bug
reports, bugfixes, code, documentation, and anything else you would like
to contribute.

For a detailed list of contributions, new features, capabilities,
top-level solvers, utilities and tutorials, please see the release notes.

The source code of the new release is available through git. To download
the source code for a user-space installation, please run:

mkdir ~/foam/
cd ~/foam/
git clone git://

Please refer to ~/foam/foam-extend-3.0/doc/installtationInstructions/
for the necessary steps to compile the source code on your system. If
your system is missing or if you find any errata, please contribute to
the project and submit new or updated documentation!

Binary packages for Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10, and Fedora 19 are
available for download on the project website:

The Mac OS X contribution is available as a mountable sparse disk image .

Please enjoy and join the community!

---- 9th International OpenFOAM® Workshop ----

The Workshop Committee would like to invite you to the

9th International OpenFOAM® Workshop

held 23-26 June 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia.

The 9th edition of the OpenFOAM® Workshop provides a forum for researchers, industrial users, software developers, consultants and academics working with OpenFOAM®. The Workshop is a premier event for highlighting recent work with OpenFOAM®, by virtue of its 8-year tradition and the fact that it is open to all contributors, irrespective of their background or interest. As a part of the program, free introductory and advanced OpenFOAM® training will be provided by the Special Interest Groups and experts in the field. The goals of the meeting are:

Dr. Henrik Rusche
Gesellschaft für numerische Kontinuumsmechanik mbH
Görgesstraße 24, 38118 Braunschweig, Germany
Amtsgericht Braunschweig: HRB 201420
+49 531 5809439