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Windows version of OpenFlower v1.0 now avialable!

I have just released a Windows version of OpenFlower version 1.0 which integrates the first version of the Navier-Stokes solver.
It comes as a Windows installer which also provides all the example files in the installation directory.
Let me remind you that Gmsh, our pre and post processing tool is also available for Windows platforms!

Hope you will enjoy it!
VortexFlow, OpenFlower admin.

Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2005-06-26

OpenFlower V1.0 released!

New Beta Version 1.0 has just been released !

I decided to call it version 1.0 due to the first implementation of the Navier-Stokes solver.

It includes in particular the following new features :
- A second order convection operator;
- A flexible structure called "Algorithm" which enables one to "easily" build new resolution algorithms and coupling between equations;
- An interface with the LASPack linear algebra library for solving linear systems, in particular the Poisson equation for pressure;
- A Navier-Stokes algorithm based on a finite-volume and pressure-velocity coupling formulation used at Stanford CTR along with a 2nd order Adams-Bashforth time scheme;... read more

Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2005-05-28

Next Release, including Navier-Stokes Solver!

After some time (not giving a lot of news), I expect that a new version of OpenFlower will be released at the end of this month. We expect that there will be a huge technological gap due to a first version of the Navier-Stokes solver!
A this time, there is already the interface to an optimized solver (LASPACK) for Pressure. Also, there will be some optimization done on the Mathematical operators (diffusion, gradient, convection) allowing for a substancial speed up.
And all this still in the objective of the multi-element approach adopted from the beginning to deal with complex geometries and ... still free, open source and as easy to use as possible!... read more

Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2005-05-19

OpenFlowerGUI0.3 released!

The initial version of a Graphical User Interface for OpenFlower is out !

this tool will make the writting of OpenFlower data files easy :)

for the simulation execution, keep using the OpenFlower package (may be in the future, we will merge both packages)

Posted by Anonymous 2004-11-22

New Release: OpenFlower V0.3 is out!

A new release of OpenFlower was just launched this week!

It contains a lot of new things and starts to be productive:
- new equations were added: the solidification Allen-Cahn equation was added and is functional (with constant physical properties), the temperature diffusion is completely functional.
These equations can be solved with an Euler-Explicit time advancement scheme.
- post-processings have seen much improvement: unsteady fields can be viewed at several time steps (thanks to Gmsh) and probes can be inserted in the domain to follow at specified time intervals a lot of physical quantities (temperature, diffusivity, phase-field, velocity...).
- The efficiency of mathematical operators have been really improved, by saving up to 30% CPU time.... read more

Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2004-10-17

OpenFlower V0.2 Released

New Beta Version 0.2 has just been released !

It includes a lot of new things :
- A brand new Mathematical Expression Parser used for specifying time and space dependent boundary conditions, initial conditions and laws for viscosity, etc...
- A new diffusion operator fully functional for scalar diffusion.
- An architecture for boundary-conditions completely finished and functional which include for the moment only BC for scalar equation.
- All files have been cleaned-up and rewritten with the same format and conventions... read more

Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2004-08-19

Reference Manual first version

We have started to edit a Reference Manual !
This first version was essentially started to encourage people to provide ideas on the directions of OpenFlower development, and also for contributors to be able to document their developments.

We are waiting to do a general document style in LaTeX... Does someone have a concrete idea on the subject ?!


Posted by Alexandre Chatelain 2004-05-18

OpenFlower just started !

The development of OpenFlower, an open source CFD software is launched. The core development team is composed of four research engineers (based in Grenoble, France).
The main purpose of the code is to provide an open source environment for the development of a CFD code devoted to Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent incompressible flows.
Its main characteristic will be its modular conception and a finite volume discretization method in order to deal with arbitrary cell shapes. It is directly implemented in 3D and relies (for the geometrical aspects) on the opensource CAD/Mesh tool Gmsh.
It is intended to researchers, but mostly to PhD students in the fields of fluid mechanics, turbulence, combustion...
Developpers are welcome to join the project and collaborate both in the physical and numerical modeling, as well as for software architecture !

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-10

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