ah, so that's wot i did wrong...

  • squish-squish

    squish-squish - 2004-05-12

    hi, i sent an e-mail to one of you guys 1 april but no reply yet using that method.  so i'll try this discussion.  please can you send me some info.  if you've decided from previous e-mail that i would be no use on this project, please drop a line to let me know.  thanks.

    • Alexandre Chatelain

      Hi !

      Sorry to reply to you just now, but we were pretty busy with work, and 2 of us were on vacation !
      Anyway, thank you for contacting us again.

      Concerning the instructions to retrieve the source files on your PC from the CVS repository, you can check the above Message denoted by "Publicly Retrieving CVS source files" we have just published on the Forum.

      Now, your contribution (if your are still interested) has first to suit you best. That is : what is your main interest ?

      - Post-processing procedures ?
      - Web site creation ?
      - Numerical analysis (introduction of an open-source and efficient Poisson solver) ?
      - Creation of a User's manual, or of a Physical and Mathematical contents and descritption of the code (which by the way, think it is essential) ?
      - Create a GUI for Linux ?
      - Start portability for Windows system ?

      So if your are very interested in developping with us, we can add you to our developpers list so that you can commit your developments in an easy way and be part of the Development Team.

      See you soon !

    • squish-squish

      squish-squish - 2004-05-17

      Thanks.  I'll take a look at the source and docs one day soon and take a guess at where I might be able to fit in.  I don't have a linux machine at present, so any help might be "offline" (documentation, code inspections, etc.) to start off with.


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