I need the OpenFlower src for WIN

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would incorporate some additional features under the OpenFlower code, and implement the friendly user's interface. I can do it using Visual C++ or Borland C++ Builder. Unfortunately the src v.1.0 downloader from the official site is not compiling with those tools. Moreover, I found so many bugs in that src when I compiled it under Linux. Who can provide me the Windows version of the source code? Send me a msg to vivanov@fnal.gov. Thanks.


  • Andreas

    Andreas - 2013-06-30

    I think it is a bit late, but I could give a VS2012 prepared project. Is anyone still active in this project, or is it finaly death?

    • zhanqingliang

      zhanqingliang - 2014-03-21

      Hi, I just begin to learn this program , can you send me a copy of Vs2012 project? Thank you . zhanqingliang@163.com

      I am also confused about the "Variable" definition: a variable class has member variable "nbValues" "nbDimensions0" "nbDimension1", I guess nbValue means total element number of the specific Mesh object, but i cant guess what does other two means, Thank you!

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