Building Simulation

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear All,

    I would like to set up a simulation for studying air flow around tall buildings.

    The goal is to develop some sort of aerodynamic form-finding method for design purposes.

    I wonder if somebody can help me setting up a simple oblong shaped building simulation study.

    Traditionally this is performed by wind-tunnel testing which involves the physical modeling of a form (along several other options).

    The simulation involves selecting a wind load scenario driven by contextual information.

    It is sometimes useful to embed a lot of the context around the site for studying the turbulant flows but for starting from a simple case I wouldn't mind ommitting that complications.

    The interpretation of the results is based on a comparative analysis between the recorded data and existing statistical information such as prevailing winds etc.

    As you understand the process is just too tedius and time consuming for helping in the __conceptual__ phase of the design in any meaningful way.

    Any sort of suggestion would be much appreciated.



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