Help runnig openflower

  • Vitor Braga

    Vitor Braga - 2009-08-05

    Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
    I'm trying to test Openflower (windows version), so I use one of its examples and I generate a .msh file using GMSH, then I have a .geo a .flw (they come with the Openflower examples) and a .msh. Then I run Openflower and I type example.flw but ir returns:

    System composed of 1equation: eqn1
    -Mesh File: example.msh
    Finished reading 5 frontiers
    Assertion failed: keyword == "$NOD", file src/Geometry/MeshGmsh.cpp , line 120

    This aplication has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the aplication's support team for more informations.

    Thank you

    • Vitor Braga

      Vitor Braga - 2009-08-05

      Sorry, a topic about the same problem has already been created.
      I didnt notice.

  • valpop

    valpop - 2010-07-08

    I have the same issue.
    Could you give the link to the thread?


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