OpenFlower 4Dummies

  • Vitor Braga

    Vitor Braga - 2009-08-04

    Im trying to follow the instructions in the file OpenFlower4Dummies, but its not working.
    I open the comand window with the identification of the code ("OpenFlower... Alpha release... free open source etc.) and, as it says in the file, I type the name of the file: example.flw (im using one of the examples in the example file), but it doesnt work, the window just closes and nothing happens.
    Im really new in this stuff, so if anybody could help me i would apreciate.
    Thank you.

    Vitor Braga

    • David Lowndes

      David Lowndes - 2009-08-04

      I assume you are using the Windows version. You need to run Openflower through the Command Prompt; go to Start-->Run and browse to the director openflower.exe is in (use cd to change directory etc). Type Openflower.exe to run the program and run your example. You'll find that openflower will display an error which you will be able to read because the command prompt won't close.

    • Vitor Braga

      Vitor Braga - 2009-08-04

      I did exactly as you told me to, but its still not working.  When I browse to the directory (program files/openflower/bin/openflower.exe), it runs the program and the prompt with the OpenFlower identification appears, then I type Openflower.exe? It keeps suddenly closing.

      Thank you for your attention, mr. Lowndes.

    • Vitor Braga

      Vitor Braga - 2009-08-04

      I made it.

      Thank you very much, mr. Lowndes.


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