what's wrong with my installation?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    "./RunMeFirst" works well.
    But when "make",somthing goes wrong:
    Where is the directory "laspack"? I can't find it.

    ../Maths/LinAlg/Solver.h:15:30: laspack/errhandl.h: no that file or directory.
    ../Maths/LinAlg/Solver.h:16:28: laspack/vector.h: no that file or directory.
    ../Maths/LinAlg/Solver.h:17:29: laspack/qmatrix.h: no that file or directory.
    ../Maths/LinAlg/Solver.h:18:29: laspack/operats.h: no that file or directory.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Go to solver.h, and simply change the laspack directory to wherever your laspack files are stored; this error is telling you that it's looking for a directory 'laspack' in the directory containing solver.h.  This is kind of a weird programming descision, I'd be curious to hear from the programmers themselves why they chose the laspack directory to be located in this place.


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