• Nobody/Anonymous

    What units does the program use? By looking at the example, I am guessing that viscosity is given in Pa*s, but what are the units of length, cm or m?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am assuming that this uses any consistent system of units as they are used in the NS equations eg. Newtons Meters Seconds ? Comments anyone ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Somebody please comment on this - I guess the units are maybe not consistent ?

      If I look at the examples NS_Pipe_Bend for example - I see that  rho   = 1.
      mu   =  0.001. In SI units RHO for water would be 1000 Kg/M^3 and mu is 0.001.
      My charts say that the absolute viscosity of water is 0.001 +/- at 20 deg C. But the fact that the
      density is listed as 1 and not 1000 would mean that either the units are not consistent or
      the examples are wrong - which ?

      The openflower manual states that the viscosity is "cinematic viscosity" is this an error ? - has to be.


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