New Web Site uploaded

  • Alberto

    Alberto - 2004-12-04

    I've just uploaded the new OpenFlower site. I know it needs improvements and more features, but it's just a starting point.

    I will be really happy of any suggestion useful to improve it.

    The site is reachable at the URL: and has been optimized using Firefox 1.0, but I only used standard HTML, JS and CSS code to avoid browser compatibility problems.

    See you soon


    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2004-12-05


      I wish it had a screen-shot section with several 3D plots and a short description for each one. I know it might be a bit early but maybe there could be an example of temperature with diffusion operator.


    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2004-12-05

      Hi x-flow,
      don't worry, there wil be a screenshot section too. I didn't upload it just because it's still empty.

      I'm thinking to a set of screenshot for the GUI and a set of examples, but I have to prepare them. I had little time for the site due to my job, but now I'll work on it more.

      P.S. If you have some example you want to add to the screenshot section, please contact me in this forum or at my e-mail address


    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2004-12-05

      Screenshot section added :-D

      I just created a gallery of the GUI windows using GIMP and Impress.

      I also switched from Quanta Plus to Bluefish as HTML editor. I feel more comfortable in the Gnome environment.


      ap :-D

    • Alexandre Chatelain

      As for the Screenshot section, I already put some snapshots of OpenFlower in action at this address :

      However, we can only put 6 screenshots on this section : in the OpenFlower website we will be able to put a lot more screenshots... in the future!

      By the way : Navier-Stokes development has grown rapidly these last days in my computer! The pressure solver is on its way, convective terms are about to be calculated... a couple of months I guess to have a first version released!

      See U soon,

    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2004-12-10

      Great screenshots!
      I'll add them to the screenshot section too in the weekend.

      See you soon,

      ap :-)

    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2004-12-14

      Hi vortexflow,

      What method are you using to solve the system of equations?
      I developed a very simple Gauss-Seidel solver which uses successive over-relaxation  (in C language). If you are interested I can send it to you and you can integrate it as an internal matrix solver.


    • Alexandre Chatelain


      I am using the Laspack library also written in C.
      It has a lot of solvers implemented (Conjugate Gradient, Cholesky...). It seems to work very well... as for the small tests I made with it !
      Hope to test in the real tough life of CFD pretty soon !

      Anyway, when some of the architecture is done to plug other solvers, it would be a pleasure to add your solver in OpenFlower as an internal solver.

      See U soon !

    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2004-12-15

      Hi Vortexflow,

      I have sent the code to your e-mail account. Hope it works OK. If not, please tell me what goes wrong.



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