• Nobody/Anonymous

    People wanting to use an open source flow solver should check out OpenFVM. The current version is 0.1 but the Navier-Stokes solver is working better than OpenFlower v1.0.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      why not keep developing or add on to open flower? I'll take a look at openfvm. Are you guys also taking a look at the openflower engine? is the openfvm code faster?

      I work in the transportation industry and I'm interested in having a tool that I can use for in house preliminary tests. Usually this involves some fans and we need to know how heat is distributed over components by means of radiation, convection or conduction. Most of the time one is most important than the others. I gave OF a try and it was good, but it is hard to convert models to the right format and also to make them actually work for the test.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Although OpenFVM was inspired on OpenFlower, the objectives are different. In terms of speed I am not sure but soon OpenFVM will have a parallel version which will make it much faster.


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