New mesh format entry and post-processing ?

  • Alexandre Chatelain

    Hi everyone,

    Some people are asking me what they can do to contribute ot OpenFlower development... Here is an idea :

    - develop an "interface" (like ReadMeshGmsh) for another mesh/geometry format coming from another CAD/Mesher tool (ICEM, Gambit...). If there is anyone interested in that, please post a message after this one saying that you are interested and would like to work on a specific format.

    - develop an "interface" (like PostProcFieldGmsh) for other post-processing tools (OpenDX, Tecplot...). Here again, if there is anyone interested in this topic, please post a message after this one saying that you are interested and would like to work on a specific post-processing format.

    Hope that these topics will be of interest to some of you guys !

    See U soon,

    • x-flow

      x-flow - 2004-11-15

      Hi Vortex-flow,

      I can help you with the 3D interface using opengl and also with readmesh. The problem is that I only program in windows.

      However, I think I can contribute in specific algorithms like iso-surface creation, contours, color plots, etc.


    • Alexandre Chatelain

      Hi x-flow,

      Well I think I was not clear... Sorry about that.
      The idea was to create the possibility to read (via the input data file) other file formats than Gmsh or add the possiblity to write post-processing fields in other file formats (Tecplot, OpenDX...).
      It was not to develop a GUI for visualizing post-processing data...

      Anyway, it seems to me that you want to develop a new "input interface" for another mesh format. If it is so, please tell us which one you want to work on (hopefully from a free and known software).
      This way I can include you in the developpers list.

      For me there is no problem if you developp under Windows.

      See U soon,

    • Pedro F. Giffuni

      I just looked at and I noticed they have an awesome new preprocessor in Java called Grid3d. I'm not referrring to the old 2D tool, this was released recently in the software page.


      ps. a good windows programmer should port featflow with Openwatcom


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