Real-time simulation

  • Guillaume Deshors

    Hi all !

    I'm discovering openFlower, and as I get through some documentation, it appears to me that it would probably not be suitable for my needs, but I'd still appreciate an expert view on that point.

    What I intend to do is a real-time simulation of a sailboat, in the form of a 3d game. And as I would like that simulation to be as accurate as possible, I'm looking after any (open source !) library that would manage the huge complexity of fluid dynamics, in order to simulate both :
    - the flux or the air about the sails ;
    - the flux of the water about the hull.
    From these, I should easily deduce the forces exerced on the boat and hence its movement.

    To sum up, my question will be : is OpenFlower suitable for a real-time simulation (even with approximated calculations, I don't need a very high precision), or is it solely a kind of solver for a given system that makes a ton of calculus and then gives its result in an amount of time that makes it not applicable for my problem ?

    Bonus question : if you just answered "sorry for you, man", do you know another OS library that would better fit my needs ?
    Thanks to all !

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That seems difficult because it seems like a moving mesh situation. Also you would need to use a very coarse mesh to obtain a fast calculation. The flux of water about the hull seems like a free surface problem and that isn't implemented in openflower. For computer games usually you should simplify the equations and use coarse meshes to get real-time.

    • Guillaume Deshors

      Actually yes, it is a free surface problem for both the hull and the sail. I wasn't aware OpenFlower didn't handle these.

      Well, alright, I'm still open to hints about another library !

      Thanks for answering.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Maybe you can try openfoam. It can model free surfaces and moving meshes.


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