windows version of OpenFlower

  • chemflux

    chemflux - 2005-07-16

    who did post the windows version of OpenFlower?. It's amazing and so cool!
    I know that Laspack exist only linux version. How could you implement in it?

    • Alexandre Chatelain

      I (VortexFlow) posted it.
      It was not very difficult to use LASPACK for Windows : I just had to create the windows library using DevCpp (hosted on SF) and include it in the project.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      to Alexandre Chatelain - vortexflow
      please tell me the address for the windows version of OpenFlower.I am working in  windows!
      or please send thd code to me by email :

    • Alexandre Chatelain

      Please, at least tell me your name! I made this forum available to "anonymous" people so that everyone (even non members of SF) may post messages, but at least I want to know the name of the people that leave a message.

      I am on holidays now but can send you by email the devcpp project "windows version" of OpenFlower when I get home.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have the Windows version installed (using the msi file). There is not much of a GUI.. it's a console that ask you for the mesh file.. very poor GUI.. how can you build your mesh, sets the BC and equations to use..? (in a GUI!!!), I hate digging in text file and debuging the missing ";" here and there.. does anyone have made a proper Windows GUI for openflower (one where you can *see* your model, use the mouse to select faces, zoom, set concentration function for meshes, verify mesh quality (visual statistics), etc...) Any project based on MFC and openGL I could have a look at it..? I'm using Visual Studio 6. Thanks


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