So I was trying my STL to GEO importer on a model...Can you blame me? a Toilet bowl... and this thing had some rounds in it where the exhaust tube meets the large catch bowl. And right there the STL file had lots of little short lines. So I had to make my CL really small to be able to have more than two nodes for those lines. Otherwise you get these crazy lines bolting out of the mesh and the volume goes to infinity (very large anyway)

So I think I will make an auto CL size script. Basically it will read the .GEO file after it has been converted from STL and then add:


and ofcourse te appropriate change to cl on each point call of the geo file.

Then I will add a Perl tk GUI to this. I'm learning Perl TK at the moment, so what else can I do than use it along. I know no one likes command lines like the rest of us do...hmmmm.

Mathematically, I'm at a loss. I'm going to spend the rest of today trying to figure out a rough algorithm to figure out which points get which CL size. So to begin, I'm going to use line length and then put that on a hash. Then I'll compare size and have a size range percentage for each CL strata. In the GUI, I'll add a strata quantity input. So you can input how many different CL's you want and the percentage size cut.   So this leads to a modulized type of script.   So this script will have to look at an overall size and then divide it in two different CL's accordignly.  So in terms of an algorith, can anyone on here help?



a o m a n c h u r i a  aatt  GEE MAYl DAT C'om

ps:pictures, perl script, ideas, online docs, anything except stuff I have to buy. I'm working for virtual free beer here you know.