• Alberto

    Alberto - 2004-05-15

    What is the actual state of development of OpenFlower?

    Hi :-)


    • Alexandre Chatelain


      Well, now we have defined "a somewhat reasonable architecture" for the different equations to be solved, which is actually working. Also, we have just implemented visual post-processing of fields (such as scalar and vector fields) in Gmsh format.

      Next step is to code a proper diffusion operator (ideally second order for multi-elements) in order to first solve a scalar diffusion equation.
      In parallel, we want to developp a time integration scheme, properly code the boundary conditions.

      Also, I am trying to write a user's reference manual so that the input data file is explained, etc...

      Hope to read from you soon !


    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2004-05-22

      I looked at the code, and I totally agree with the structure you're giving to it.

      If you need help on the mathematical part, I'd be happy to give it.

      Hi :-)


    • Alexandre Chatelain

      Hi AP !

      Well, we have some difficulties in order to code an adequate diffusive operator which gives accurate results both for hexahedral and tetrahedral elements.
      (the one we have developped works very well for hexahedrals but does not give full satisfaction with tetrahedrals)

      So if you have any experience on the subject, please do not hesitate.
      I will try to post in a few days a new version of the Reference Manual where I will explain the actual strategy for calculating diffusion, so that new suggestions can come out, and also for the code to be easily understood.

      See U soon,


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