Examples and execution of the code

  • Tushar

    Tushar - 2004-11-19


    I am trying to run the example problem given with the software.

    If you can provide some documentation about how to generate the *.flw files and what is the problem description of the current set of files, how would the output look like, that would be great.

    For example, I was looking at the prisms_and_hexa.flw file. This file has the information about the description of the faces of the geometry, but it was difficult to follow what boundary conditions was applied and what type of problem was it. (It appears that temperature is the intended output).


    • Alexandre Chatelain

      Hello Tushar,

      I guess U are asking something a lot of people are trying to understand... :-)

      I know that we should make an effort to enhance and really start our Reference Manual : I hope to work on it in the next few weeks.

      Untill then, you can try to download and test the GUI that enables one to create input FLW files in a more convenient way than creating it from scratch.

      Hope to read from U soon,



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