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This is a patch to fix some bugs for the pie graph related methods.

Here's a small changelog in emacs's changelog format (see http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Format-of-ChangeLog.html#Format-of-ChangeLog\):

2008-02-27 Chaouche yassine <yacinechaouche@yahoo.com>

* OpenFlashChart.py :
preceded all pie attribute names with a leading "_", to prevent conflicts with
methods names.

Made the code compatible with python 2.4 (the ternary operator syntax is not supported in versions 2.4 and earlier)

added some arbitrary default values to method arguments so that the caller is not obliged to specify them all.

This method is defined twice, the second definition is not correct. Commented the code for review by it's author.

Just a matter of new lines here, to make the code more readable.


  • Yacine Chaouche

    Yacine Chaouche - 2008-02-27

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    Updated :

    008-02-27 Chaouche yassine <yacinechaouche@yahoo.com>
    * OpenFlashChart.py
    Fixed the title rendering code : wrapped {font-style:%s} around the self.title_size attribute
    Fixed the labels rendering code : using urllib.quote to prevent strange caracters to mess things up
    Added a small sugar for pie slices : if no colours were defined, then make random colours
    Added a make_random_colours method to be used for slices colours.

    2008-02-27 Chaouche yassine <yacinechaouche@yahoo.com>

    * OpenFlashChart.py :
    Wrapped the data_url into urllib.quote() so that it wont be interpreted as a parameter to the swf object;
    File Added: OpenFlashChart.py

  • Yacine Chaouche

    Yacine Chaouche - 2008-02-27

    updated version of OpenFlashChart.py

  • John Vandervort

    John Vandervort - 2008-06-11
    • labels: --> Helpers
    • milestone: --> version-1

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