Feature Request

  • theorem

    I may have missed it, but is there a way to get the SWF to poll the data source at a specific interval ?  I'd like to get a graph that progresses from right to left to show some historical data, but mostly up-to-the-second data.  

    A good example of this would be graphing interface traffic every second on a bar (or line) graph .. as a new data point comes in (perhaps with a fade ? or 'pop'?) the old data points shift to the left and the oldest point is removed to make room for the new data point.  The graph would constantly be moving, perhaps adjusting the height to the largest data point seen .. or at least listing it ?

    Any thoughts about this ?

  • sorry for re-opening this discussion after years.
    i need to use a timer, just like in the example you linked, the cyberdyne one.
    i'm just missing one big thing: i created the reload function in js, but don't know where it must be called.
    i'm pretty a newbie with php and js so pardon my question.