Step-by-step ISP connection

  • John Q. Public

    John Q. Public - 2000-04-19

    Since apparently there has been discussion on the web boards regarding Acer123's dsmod changes, I grabbed a virgin device and wrote down the steps I used to get it to dial in to work (and, subsequently, QnxFlash it! :)

    I have left out a couple of steps that Acer123 put in, because they were not needed, and suggested a method of backing up the "nvram" before making any changes.

    Please feel free to make this process handy with the program's distribution.

    (Please feel free to holler at me if you notice something wrong, but these steps have worked for me on four three different units now, and I have never had to "call home" to NPLI)


    • Waldo

      Waldo - 2000-04-20

      In the same vein as ThePublic's post, someone posted a method for connecting two modems directly to each other w/PPP (for the extremely paranoid):


    • Waldo

      Waldo - 2000-04-21

      It might be worth mentioning that some people on the irc channel have reported problems dialing into their ISP when they have non-alphanumeric characters in the password.

      If your password has like a "!" or something in it, you may be affected by this...

      Also, for people who are having problems with dialing prefixes (apparently inserting a comma into a dialup string doesn't do the usual second and a half pause) you might consider plugging your telephone into the second phone port on the i-opener and dialing the prefix (or even the whole number) manually when the i-o tries to dial...



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