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Walker Art / Melkweg

Both these organisations have expressed interest in working with the FC...more later

Posted by adam hyde 2002-07-16

Montevideo to continue FC Development

Montevideo are planning to assist the development of the Frequency Clock into yet another phase.

This will include a more sophisticated player customisation interface and a FC server admin module (allowing the 'booking' of slots on streaming servers)...this new development is aimed at supporting the growth of the Open Source Streaming Alliance as it gets new servers and requires cleaner automated admin for time-based user accounts

Posted by adam hyde 2002-07-16

lowlive to co-develop FC

the smart guys at lowlive are going to co-develop the Frequencyclock to apply it in 'real world' applications where radio requires automation...woohoo! <br> a new db structure has been formed and when V2.0 is released (aug 3) then that version will be sealed and left alone while development work goes directly into the fc_lowlive version

Posted by adam hyde 2002-07-16

beta 1 release

a trial full release of the forthcoming Frequencyclock Version 2 is now online at :<br>
full release august 3 2002

Posted by adam hyde 2002-07-16

Testing Starts

Testing has started at Montevideo with Bart and Chiara

Posted by adam hyde 2002-06-13

New Server

Posted by adam hyde 2002-06-13

Short Dev Status Report (Beta coming up!)

I'm sure there's couple of you out there who can't wait for any usable form of frequency clock to test and use. So here's a short update on what's going on in the background.

I'm happy to report we set an approximate date of beta release which is intended for testing and bug squashing: sunday, 12. may.

We have quite some features and fixed to work out till then, including never-ending arithmetics that is backing up the timetable (schedule) layout, recurring programs have to be integated and new basic html is about to be imported.... read more

Posted by Luka Princic 2002-04-25

Kunstradio sponsors original design

Kunstradio are sponsoring the development of the design of the player + web interface :-))

Posted by adam hyde 2002-04-16

Goo joins FC :-)

Goo from mi2 has joined the FC dev team as a designer :-)))))

Posted by adam hyde 2002-04-16


Luka Princic has joined as the main coder for a collaborative development with r a d i q u a l i a and Montevideo...

Posted by adam hyde 2002-03-28

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