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OpenEphyra 0.1.2 released

Please follow this link to download OpenEphyra 0.1.2:

We added a search module that uses the Bing search engine. Thanks to James Zhang and Jeff Chen for sharing their code!

Note that previous versions of OpenEphyra no longer work because the Yahoo! search API that was used before is deprecated.

Changes in Version 0.1.2:
- Bing knowledge miner added
- TREC 16 questions and answers added
- Script for TREC 8-11 added
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Posted by Nico Schlaefer 2011-10-07

OpenEphyra 0.1.1 released

Please follow this link to download OpenEphyra 0.1.1:

We only recommend this update to developers, as it mainly affects the code base and not the functionality of OpenEphyra.

Changes in Version 0.1.1:
- Name space changed to 'info.ephyra'
- Code cleaned up
- Bug in 'build.xml' and other minor bugs fixed

Posted by Nico Schlaefer 2008-02-21

Review of OpenEphyra on The Mendicant Bug

Jason Adams has posted a review of OpenEphyra on his blog The Mendicant Bug:

Posted by Nico Schlaefer 2008-02-17

OpenEphyra 0.1 released

Please follow this link to download OpenEphyra 0.1:

This is the initial release.

Posted by Nico Schlaefer 2008-02-15

OpenEphyra project page created

What you can do here:

- Use the Tracker system to submit bug reports and feature requests.
- Subscribe to a low-traffic mailing list to receive announcements of new releases and important news.
- Post questions and discuss anything related to OpenEphyra in a forum.
- Download the latest release of OpenEphyra.

Posted by Nico Schlaefer 2008-02-09