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first you catch a little fish

I used to go fishing when I was very young. I'd start with some simple bait and try to catch a minnow or something similarly small. I'd then use the minnow as bait for a larger fish. I imagined moving progressively upward until I had a fish nearly too big to carry home.

Similarly, I have decided to pick a less-involved goal to start the project on. The finishing of this will be the corresponding first release of the OESP, which will be 0.1. The purpose of this will be to show the affects of the differences in intake runner lengths and dimensions on discharge coefficients using the gas-flow equations in chapter 2 of Blair's Design and Simulation of Four-Stroke Engines.
I intend on accomplishing this by modeling an intake runner and cylinder as one dimensional meshes. Intake valve events will be modeled. An idealized combustion cycle will be modeled. The corresponding gas flow through the intake will then be modeled and the resultant output will be presented through CSV, XHTML, and SVG for comparison.
This should also provide easy branching into exhaust, combusiton, etc, modeling.

Posted by Jeffrey P Burdick 2012-07-09


The tickets section now includes milestones, which are described on the wiki. I'm looking at starting with standard config files as inputs and XHTML/SVG outputs. This will allow command line running until the GUI is fleshed out, and make GUI'ing much easier, as the XHTML/SVG can be incorporated very easily into QT widgets.

Posted by Jeffrey P Burdick 2012-06-26


OESP now requires unum, which provides a unit conversion and manipulation back end, making things much easier for us.
it allows us to do things like:

print ( 3\*cm + 3\*m )
303.0 \[cm\]

We're also looking at configobj for configuration storage and retrieval. It appears to handle lists better than configparser.

Posted by Jeffrey P Burdick 2012-06-20

Everything has a beginning

I've made the first commit for OESP. We can only grow from here!

Posted by Jeffrey P Burdick 2012-06-16