#98 Multiple Companion Guides

Billing (10)

Multiple X12 formats for submission to diverse clearing houses and insurance companies. Most clearinghouses publish companion guides for X12 formating. Some go as far as publishing companion guides for individual insurance companies. Currently we see developers customizing for their specific Clearing house. We can make use of the Processing format on the X12 page (Which existed in the FreeB days) . We could have a library of X12 formats (AKA Companion Guides) and thus simplify the process.


  • Tony McCormick

    Tony McCormick - 2011-04-19

    How would that be different that just saying '' If Availty..." then ... else if 'Gateway" ... etc. Not sure I see where you are headed.

  • Alfonso

    Alfonso - 2011-09-05

    Too complex resulting in too many IF statements. If you do a simple web search for companion guides you will run into a ton of them.

    Here is what I was able to get to work.

    In interface/billing/billing_process.php
    Change Line 11 to //include_once("$srcdir/gen_x12_837.inc.php");
    Right after Line 190 else if (isset($ar['bn_x12']) || isset($ar['bn_x12_encounter'])) {
    Add this include ("../../library/$target");

    1- To to the X12_partner table and in processing_format change Standard to gen_x12_837.inc.php and add/modify what ever other you need.
    2- Create your companion guide x12 generator by copying the original gen_x12_837.inc.php and modifying it to your needs.
    3- Create a new X12 partner and make sure your x12 partner is configured to the proper one.

    The file names in Processing_format needs to be the same names of the companion guides. in the X12_partner table(ie gen_x12_837.inc.php)

    You can have as many guides as you need just create a new file and list it in the X12_partner table.



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